From the mill to the farm, FeedTrackur manages every step of the way.

Introducing FeedTrackur™

FeedTrackur is a powerful hardware and software application that uses the convenience of wireless and tablet technologies to manage feed orders from the mill to the farm while capturing and displaying critical real-time data. FeedTrackur keeps everyone informed on orders, deliveries and logistics making the entire process more efficient and accurate.


With FeedTrackur, livestock producers will know their nutrition plans are on target delivering maximum results. Feed mills will increase productivity, eliminate mistakes and deliver more value to customers. With real-time management and location-based technology combined with our web-based software, allows you to track day-to-day operations.


FeedTrackur has been designed, developed and tested by industry-leading professionals to address the challenges feed mill operators face every day. For more information about what we can do for you, take a look here.

Getting Started

FeedTrackur provides turn-key integration and support, so getting up and running is fast and easy. Want more information? Check out our product page, information sheet, or simply contact FeedTrackur to get started!