From the mill to the farm, FeedTrackur manages every step of the way.

Prairie Systems and DP Techlink announce strategic partnership to help revolutionize traceability and logistics in the feed industry

Spencer, IA; May 9, 2018—Prairie Systems and DP Techlink announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Prairie Systems’ Feed Allocation System (FAS) and Smart Order cloud-based software packages and DP Techlink’s FeedTrackur cloud-based logistics system.

“As new regulations and demands continue to present new challenges for producers and feed manufacturers, managing their businesses on paper and through outdated processes and systems is no longer efficient enough,” said Brandon Lowder, Prairie Systems Director of Sales.

The new strategic partnership will offer protein producers and nutrition providers the tools necessary to get in front of new regulations and demands. Now the two companies can work more closely to exchange feed order information, provide the feed manufacturing and delivery process with improved visibility, and help ensure the right feed is delivered to the right bin.

“With the enactment of the Food Safety Modernization Act it is critical for feed mills, integrators and third-party haulers to be able to easily and effectively track feed from the feed mill to the bin,” explained Mike Shindelar, CEO of DP Techlink. “Making sure the right feed is delivered to the right place, at the right time. Customer retention, improved service levels, enhanced logistics performance and risk mitigation are the cornerstones of the FeedTrackur system.”

When asked about the significance of this new partnership, Lowder explained “we are committed to the future of protein production.”

He continued, “Part of that commitment is identifying ways we can work together to benefit the industry. The partnership with DP Techlink is just another step in making sure the livestock industry has what it needs to be successful for generations to come.”

DP Techlink and Prairie Systems customers can now run both systems cohesively to increase productivity, enhance traceability and develop scalable and sustainable business practices through technology.

About Prairie Systems’ FAS and Smart Order

Prairie Systems’ FAS is built on a foundation of production experience. The software helps execute nutritional goals while providing other business benefits, including inventory management, animal health and ingredient forecasting. Smart Order is a revolutionary feed manufacturer order management system that offers a mobile ordering app and powerful production process insights.

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About DP Techlink’s FeedTrackur

DP Techlink’s FeedTrackur is a powerful hardware and software application that uses wireless and tablet technologies to manage feed orders from the mill to the bin, while capturing and displaying critical real-time data. FeedTrackur keeps everyone informed on orders, deliveries and logistics making the entire process more efficient and accurate.

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