From the mill to the farm, FeedTrackur manages every step of the way.


FeedTrackur is a world-class, tablet-based application and hardware solution that helps ensure that the products delivered from your feed mill arrive safely and accurately to animal producers.

Tablet-Based Solution

We combine the power of a wireless, tablet-based software solution and our patent-pending hardware technology that work seamlessly together along with a comprehensive back-end data network.

Powerful Back-End

Real-time management and location-based technology combined with our web-based software allows you to track day-to-day operations.

Delivery Accuracy

FeedTrackur automatically routes your drivers, shows them they are at the correct delivery location, and optionally notifies your customers of delivery with SMS and email delivery confirmations.

GPS and Wireless Technology

Using GPS and the best network service in your area, FeedTrackur provides accurate tracking information everywhere your vehicles and assets go. Combining this with our robust web-based tablet application you are able to increase your productivity and improve the efficiency of your entire delivery team.

Web Back End

FeedTrackur has a powerful back-end architecture that provides you with the ability to run customized, in-depth reports, calculate and compare driver and vehicle information, track your drivers visually online, as well as administer your entire fleet of vehicles and personnel.

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