From the mill to the farm, FeedTrackur manages every step of the way.

Nathan Kier -


“FeedTrackur has given us an opportunity to close the loop on traceability from the mill to the farm. It’s allowed us to get ahead of potential delivery issues by providing further awareness of sequencing as well as gives the delivery team additional double checks. We feel FeedTrackur is a step in the right direction on providing our customers reassurance of their feed deliveries.”

Heath Karns -

Asst. Plant Manager, Ag Partners L.L.C.

“The first thing I think of when talking about FeedTrackur is their exceptional customer service and how well they follow up on projects in a timely manner. FeedTrackur has helped our team out by providing full traceability from the mill to the site, has cut back on wasted man hours by allowing us to track every driver and has allowed us to capture inefficiencies in our delivery process.

“I highly recommend FeedTrackur to any company, and view it as an essential tool for all feed mills.”